These are the guides from experienced Superfighters players to Superfighters' Survival Mode.

Guide 1

1 Player

Try to stay in the center during the first wave so you can get a good melee weapon while keeping the CPUs from getting weapons. Make sure to kill them as fast as you can and collect any weapon until you get a decent weapon. After getting a good weapon, run to one corner and fight there. This allows you to 1-on-1 with CPU. Make sure you have some barrels down there as after you kill one CPU, you will have to worry about the other shooting at you. Take cover and fire until the other CPU is dead, then charge to the center of the stage, grab a more decent weapon, then head back and repeat.

2 Players

Have one person take one side while another takes another. Do exactly as the above, just now you only have to fight 1-on-1.

Guide 2

You are surrounded by two COMs each time and have to fight them both at once. Keep in mind that the COMs--computer-controlled character--may seem difficult to fight but they are just following pre-determined programming that they are limited to and use that to combat us, the players. They have patterns and weaknesses that can be exploited if you really know the game. These are tips for you to survive:

  • The COMs always go directly to you in the fastest way possible. This might seem like useless information but you can exploit this by running away from them to get a better weapon or dropping a few Grenades at the right time.
  • You can punch the crates or barrels to make them fall down the stairs. Do this at the right time and they will knock the COMs down. Now you have time to deal with one of the COMs while the other one is knocked down.
  • Place a grenade at the edge of one of the stairs when a COM comes at you from that side. The COM will run away from the grenade, then you can use that time to kill the COM from the other side.
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