Superfighters is a series developed by Mytho-Logic Interactive. Consisting of Johan "Hjärpe", in Graphics and Design, and Alexander "Gurt" Siigur, in Programming. Together they have created 2 installments to the series. The original Superfighters (newest version playable on Newgrounds), and Superfighters Deluxe (download the Windows version on Mytho-Logic Interactive). It is a 2D platform shooter, filled with chaos and unpredictable outcomes and gameplay.


Published on Newgrounds on Jul 21, 2011 and since has gained over 7 million views. Since then it can be found and played on many other gaming Web-Sites: Kongregate, Twoplayergames, Maxgames, and many more. It was created on Adobe Flash and featured Stage Mode, 1-2 Player Mode and Survival Mode.

Superfighters Deluxe

The first ofically released concept art poster for Superfighters Deluxe

In response to the growing demand for an Online version of Superfighters, Gurt and Hjärpe began to develop the next version of Superfighters, known as Superfighters Deluxe. The project was moved from Adobe Flash to Microsoft XNA Framework, meaning that Gurt had to program the game from scratch. Nearly 1 year after the release of Superfighters, Gurt and Hjärpe had finally released the game for the Swedish Game Awards (SGA) Competition in July 14, 2012. Since then the game has progressed in it's Pre-Alpha stages and continues to do so.

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