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  • Commands are used by preceding with a '/'; then the giving command. Valid commands will be shown in the chat log (green text or some other indication); otherwise no chat message will appear. You can still see a message in the Console(F10).
  • The commands and parameters aren't case sensitive.
  • Players are indexed as 0 through 7. You can also use the index of a player for the [USER] parameter, The same can be done with the index for [ITEM(S)].
  • Instead of the index 0, you can type "me" as the [USER] parameter. Ex: /give me 6 = /give 0 6
  • The minimum to register the [USER] parameter is 2 characters, then it will search through players; and find a match. Ex: [The Law] 'Th(e)' and 'La(w)' will all work, but 'The' is common; so 'Law' is a better choice.

Player Commands

These can be used by any player within the server.


Show a list of commands.


Leave the server and return to the main menu. Does the same thing as ESC.


List all players by [index]-[name]. The index can change as new players join, players leave or the team layout change.


Show your current latency.


Whisper (private chat) with [USER].

/TEAM [TEXT] (or / T [TEXT])

Chat with your team. [TEXT] will be colored corresponding with your team.

Host Commands

Only executable by the server host, can effect game play.


Kicks [USER], but allows them to rejoin the game.


Bans [USER] (by IP), preventing them from rejoining the game. Banned players are listed in the "banlist.txt" file.


To unban a person, you must go in Superfighters Deluxe files.

SFD files.PNG

Click on banlist, delete the name and IP of player that you want unban and then you save the file.



Adds the selected user as the moderator, allowing them to use most admin commands.


Ends the current round.


Sets the game's teams (after current match).

0 = Independent

1 = Blue

2 = Red

3 = Green

4 = Yellow

Example: /setteams 12121212


Shuffles the existing pool of teams; so all independent will have no effect.

When setting the parameter, the command doesn't include the current round.


Loads a new map (after current match).


Using the format ([Heading]: [Text]), will display [Heading] in grey.


Causes the server to run at the desired speed. [SPEED] can be set from 0.1 (1/10 of the speed) to 2 (2 times the speed).

Ex: /settime 1.0 = off

Ex: /settime 2.0 = twice the speed

Ex: /settime 0.5 = half the speed

Infinite Resources

/ia [0/1] Causes every player to have infinite ammo.

/ie [0/1] Causes every player to have infinite energy.

/il [0/1] Causes every player to have infinite health.


List all items by [INDEX]-[FIRST NAME].

1 Magnum 15 5_Sec_Slomo 29 Grenade Launcher

2 Pump-action_Shotgun

16 10_Sec_Slomo 30 Submachine Gun
3 Katana 17 Bazooka 31 Hammer
4 Pipe_Wrench 18 Fire_Axe 32 Chair
5 Tommygun 19 Assault_Rifle 33 Chair Leg
6 M60 20 Grenades 34 Bottle
7 [punch] cannot be used 21 Laser_Sight 35 Broken Bottle
8 Machete 22 [kick] cannot be used 36 Cue Stick
9 Sniper_Rifle 23 Carbine 37 Broken Cue Stick
10 Sawed-off_Shotgun 24 Pistol 38 SuitCase
11 Baseball_Bat 25 Molotov Cocktails 39 Silenced Pistol
12 Uzi 26 Flamethrower 40 Silenced Uzi
13 +25 27 Flaregun 41 Baton
14 +50 28 Revolver 44 Mines


/give DWAYGAMES 17

Ex: /Give 0 6 or /Give me 6


Specifically, in no Order, YOU can establish what Team Players will begin with; Using the name or index.

Note: Items can be overwritten if they fall under the same category.

Ex) /setstartitems 17 24 3 15 25 >> Bazooka Pistol Katana 5SecSlomo Molotov_cocktails

NOTE: Setting one item wrong will cause players to start with everything except that item. If only one item was inserted, and misspelled, the players will start with nothing


Sets the amount of health players start with from 1 to 100 (1 health point to 100 health points).


Removes the [USER]'s item; if they have one under [TYPE].

Note: The only options for [TYPE] are to remove an item by name, or by numerical category (not by index).

1 = Handgun (Slot 2)

2 = Rifle (Slot 3)

3 = Thrown weapons (Slot 4)

4 = Melee (Slot 1)

5 = Powerup (Slot 5)


Resets the commands IE, IA, SETTIME, STARTITEMS, and SETSTARTHEALTH to their default values


Runs a script from user's Script folder (Usually C:\Users\Username\Documents\Superfighters Deluxe\Scripts) with the given SCRIPTNAME.


Stop a currently running script with the given filename. The script needs to be activated before with the /STARTSCRIPT command.


  • Before version 1.1.6 users were left to discover (or be shown) all the commands.
  • /LISTITEMS is missing weapons in ID places: 7 and 22. They are in fact kick and fists that cannot get unequiped since they are 'given' on spawn.
  • Up until an unknown version of Pre-Alpha (After Pre-Alpha 1.1), all players on a server could use the /give command.
  • Up until 1.8.8 Hosts were able to remove player's kick and fists.
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