Superfighters Deluxe is a 2D multiplayer combat game with bit graphics.

It has interesting combat mechanics, melee weapons, guns and FIRE!

You're playing together with 7 other people (8 people per server) on more or less small maps, which have enough space to run, gun and all that combat stuff. You will start without weapons (host can change that setting) and you will find the guns all over the map, on their specific spawn points.They will spawn randomly.

It's fast paced, and has some movement actions such as: Rolling for avoiding most (not all) of the bullets, Diving for avoiding fall damage and avoiding again most of the bullets AND you can take your enemy with you. Other than that, you can grab the edge of an object, for climbing up, which also adds some kind of

parkour elements.

Next big feature is taking cover behind an object (not solid) you'll be able to aim from that cover and shoot back.

And there is the fire. Fire in molotovs, fire in flamthrowers, fire in gasolines, FIRE EVERYWHERE! (just kidding, but fire is also a cool feature...hold on, its not "cool", its hot) When you're staying a few seconds on fire, then you will burn up: There are two fire-"levels" they make damage and it'll get up to level 2 very quick, and you will loose lots and lots of health (until you die) unless you put it off, by rolling twice (for level 2).

And It feels awesome to the point where you feel like you're making an action movie just from the actual core of the game!

There is also a map editor, which includes joints and even powerful scripting tools (C#)

Superfighters Deluxe has been on Pre-Alpha for years before this, its official Alpha release

Mythologic Interactive is the developer of this game, and you can learn who they are in this link, plus their games.

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