Far Background or labled on tiles as FarBg is a both a layer and a tile proeprty known better in Superfighters Deluxe.


Far Background tiles were added in PreAlpha 1.2.0 and added additional atmosphere to both existing maps and within the Map Editor. However, the existing tiles were then replaced in PreAlpha 1.3.0 with more basic tiles, but were more diverse as fas as combination and versatility.


Far Background is currently the lowest layer of tiles in the SFD Map Editor, and it has several different features that other layers do not have.

The Far Background in Police Station (PreAlpha v1.7.0d)

Background Distance

Setting background distance does not show on the normal camera view, but in the dynamic camera view (pressing tab will set the dynamic camera) it makes the background appear to be back further and not directly in front of the user. This gives the map that sense of being outside of the normal environment. For the best effect the reccomended value lies between 150-300, depending on your own preference when using the Map Editor.

Reccomended Setting

When placing Far Background tiles, using tiles of similar style (usually defined by the numbers preceding the tile name) and placing them close to eachother. The best examples would be found in the above thumbnail, where city backgrounds can be easily blended with hills and other far background tiles.

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