The Zombie Survival mode is a new feature that has been released with the Beta 1.0.0.

Your goal while playing in this mode is to survive enormous hordes of undeads coming from every side.

Due to technical issues the mode is only available to the firsts 4 players in the server.

Guide & Tips in the "Zombie Nightmare" map.

-Each round, a random amount of supply crate will spawn at the beginning ; 4 health crates and 1 "random" box.

-The big zombies are not the toughest by far, however they are very strong and very slow. Their weakness is the fire, don't forget to bring some fire weapons with you aswell as bullet-spreading weapons.

-Little Zombies are the fastest and the weakest type of all 7 types. Use your fists/melee weapons to kill them ; they are not worth wasting ammo (3 shots of a normal pistol will kill them easily).

-Fire Zombies are the toughest of all seven and they are relatively rare. They are obviously immune from fire and their weaknesses are bullet-spreading and high damage weapons. If one of them is near you and you are unnarmed, run for your life ; they will kill you easily.

Female Zombie

-Zombies are the most common type of all 7, recognizable by their blue jackets and their blood. They doesn't deal much damage (around 3 hp per punch) but they become much more dangerous when numerous. Every weapon is useful against them.

-Gangster Zombies are relatively rare and not very hard to kill ; but due to their scarcity they will drop weapons such as : Knife, Pistol, Magnum, Pump-Shotgun. Every weapon is useful against them.

-Agent Zombies are very rare and a little bit more quick and resistant than normal zombies. They will drop rare weapons such as : Bazooka, Grenade Launcher, M60. Shotguns are very useful against them.

-Soldier Zombies are rare/common and will drop useful weapons such as : Assault Rifle, Carbien, Shotgun, Sawed Off.

Characters and Bosses


Frankie, the first and only human (non infected) character from all known protagonist. Frankie is a bald, imposing gangster with an impressive musculature. He got a green snake tattoo on his left arm. His famous text lines are :

-Heeelp! Is someone in there?!

-Oh god, they're coming!

-N-n-no! AAAAARGH!

He is very weak and will die quickly. However, if you save him from the zombies, he will just go down and fight with you. If you beat the wave with him alive, he will just disappear at the next wave.

Frankie getting murdered by a top-less zombie

One or two zombies will come out of the earth and eat Frankie!

It's the only known cut scene included in the map.

Notes :

-If you save Frankie, he will dive to go down and will fight every zombie in sight.

-Funny thing, Frankie has an impressive musculature but he will die very quickly.

-The character himself is probably the representation of the common Superfighter.

For a more detailed page about Frankie, please click here.

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